Jaye breathes visual life into campaigns, from first spark to finished product. Stylistically fluent and technically grounded with a foundation in CG art, her strengths in conception, character design, and illustration enable her to bring bold expression and depth to even the most ambitious narratives.

Jaye was the lead designer for global campaigns for PayPal and Fanta. She has also worked on projects for Facebook, Nike, Honda, American Express, Keurig, among others. Major animation studios she’s worked at include Psyop, the Mill, Brand New School, and MPC. She has also helped create a VR app.

Jaye is passionate about championing great ideas, and happiest when collaborating with others to bring those ideas to fruition. Honest and unafraid, diplomatic and engaged, she is a born team player.

Jaye grew up in Seoul, lives in Brooklyn, and spends significant time in Brazil. She is fluent in Korean and English, loves art, new technology, and lives happily at the intersection of all these worlds.

Graduated School Of Visual Arts, New York.

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